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Situated on the western side of the Pearl River Delta bordering Guangdong Province in the north and facing the South China Sea in the east and south – Macau is an island with two distinctively different faces. Consisting of Downtown Macau, Macau Inner Harbour, Macau Outer Harbour, Coloane Island and Taipa Island, much of the islands beauty lies within the fact that it is accessible, so getting to see it all is easily done.

Expect to find cobbled backstreets, baroque churches and Art-Deco apartment buildings fused with mega modern casinos and soaring hotels.

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  • 10 Best Things to Do in Macau

    10 Best Things to Do in Macau

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  • 10 Best Hotels in Macau

    10 Best Hotels in Macau

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  • Macau Historic Center

    Macau Historic Center

    Macau is one of the most unique destinations in Asia with its East-Meets-West architecture and culture which coexists Read More»

  • Casinos in Macau

    Casinos in Macau

    Macau has long been Asia’s gaming capital. In the past the casinos were all owned by billionaire Stanley Ho but they Read More»

  • Macau Tower

    Macau Tower

    The tallest building in Macau at a staggering 338 metres high is an impressive structure that stands tall as a mark of Read More»

  • Downtown Macau

    Downtown Macau

    Downtown Macau is the most interesting part of the island. Named a UNESCO World Heritage Sight in July 2005, there are Read More»

  • Taipa


    Originally two separate islands – Taipa, was joined up by excess silt from the Pearl River, in the same way Coloane was. Read More»

  • Coloane


    Known as 'Macau's countryside', Coloane Island is the only part of Macau that truly retains an essence of the past. The Read More»

Macau Travel Guide

Macau Attractions

Macau Attractions

With such a dynamic history, the sights of Macau illustrate the many changing faces of the island. From the arrival of Read More...

Macau Restaurant & Dining

Macau Restaurant

The scope of visitors, entertainment and activity in Macau is reflected in the islands cuisine, whether it is the native Read More...

Macau Nightlife

Macau Nightlife

Macau is a 24-hour city. Beyond drinking and dancing there are many culturally and visually pleasing ways to spend an Read More...

Macau Shopping

Macau Shopping

Macau is a shopping haven, where people come to spend millions on items including fine jewels, exquisite fibers and the Read More...

Macau Activities

Macau Activities

Visitors will be elated by the vast assortment of activities on Macau. The most obvious being gambling. The natural Read More...

Macau General Information

Macau General Information

The gateway between the east and the west – Macau is the richest city in the world. Its sub tropical climate and an Read More...


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